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You deserve to find the home of your dreams. Make things easier by opting for Home Buyer Reports conducted by the Countries leading experts. This will allow you to gain a detailed insight on your property that an estate agent may not. For a low fee, you can have a report that could prevent you wasting money and time viewing, and will provide you and your solicitor with valuable information and some real negotiating power, along with pointers as to what areas need more investigation.

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A utility search will be useful if you are moving or planning a new build in a remote area, it will reveal what services are available. Believe it or not there are still a few isolated places in the U.K that are not connected to the services that we take for granted. Do not jump head first into buying a new home in a remote rural area.  It may go disastrously wrong. Do your homework first.

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When purchasing a property it can often become an exhausting process. From wasting time and money to unresolvable legal problems with the sale, it can seem like a never ending battle. HMRC land registry data is the only solution to all of these problems. The data is not only cheap but it also saves a lot of time. These reports assist you in deciding if the sale is worth pursuing or not. The data helps advise our team regarding what further questions to ask the estate agent. It is not only a great negotiating tool but also a real weapon to decide whether the property is worth looking into or not.

Landmark And Ground Property Searches Hackney
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