Coal mining searches

A comprehensive coal mining search is advised when you are moving to any former or present coal mining area. The report contains all the details of past, present and future coal miningactivity in the area. Other dangers such as gas emissions, subsidence risks, and shaft details are also provided in the report.

Conveyance searches

These problems are different from what you may find in a home buyer report a conveyance report focuses on the environmental and planning issues that will impact on your investment and/or future enjoyment of the property.

Utility searches

Utility searches offered by Interim Searches are really useful if you are moving to a new build in a remote area. We will be able to tell you which services are available and what the costs are so you know exactly how much you will be paying for your utilities.

Ground property searches

At Interim Searches, we ensure that the ground beneath your property does not collapse. We will produce a report that will show the stability of the ground beneath the property and any movement it has had in the past. Effective sewer and drainage reports are also provided if we see fit to carry them out.

Flood risk assessment

We will carry out a risk assessment and look over any flooding that the area has previously had and compile it in one report for you. Flooding does not only take place by coastal areas or within short distances of river plains. Groundwater flooding is also a risk, groundwater flooding is flooding caused by the grounds inability to drain off excessive rainfall. The flooding can take place miles away from the place where the rain fell, so don’t think you are safe just because you do not livewhere the rain fell or up a hill. Flooding can still occur if you do not have ground that can drain the water away effectively, so don’t just listen to estate agents that tell you that the property is up a hill or you live far away from any flood risks.

Commercial property searches

We have a long list of clients that we have helped over the years buy the right property that best suits their business needs. We will go over how many employees your business has, what type of business it is, what utilities you need, parking, how much office space you need and most importantly budget. We will take care of all of that for you as well as carrying out our research on the property for any defects it may so you know just what you are walking into.

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