The importance of property viewing:

It is so important to view a property before you agree on anything, you are walking into a world of possibilities if you don’t. The seller could be covering up anything from damp and mould, movement in the house, the area, drainage issues and much more. If you are a first time buyer you could be naïve in thinking that everything is perfect and there are no issues and you are getting a good deal but sometimes the reality can be quite the opposite. This page and the free 12 page document is there to help you improve your viewing skills.It’s these little things that will give off the impression to the seller that you know what you are doing, so that they won’t skirt over things with the property and will help you negotiate the cost.

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Our Property Viewing Guide

Have you ever come across someone who purchased their dream home butit turned into a nightmare? Don’t let the same thing happen to you too. At Interim Searches, we offer you our expert services which can help you choose the right property at the right price. Let our skilled professionals do the Property Searches for you. We understand that when you purchase property it can become a costly and emotional roller coaster, so we try to keep everything simple and stress free as possible. We have put together a quick and easy twelve-page document which gives you tips on property viewing, guidance, and potential pitfalls to look out for. The booklet comes in PDF format which is free to download.

What to do when viewing a property:

Try and view the property in the rain and in the dark as well as during the day, this will give you a good indication of how the property behaves during rainfall and what the area is like at night. When walking up the stairs listen for creaking coming from the floorboards, if there is any, ask why. Try and turn multiple taps on in the bathroom and kitchen to see if there are any pressure issues you can ask why. Try and smell every room to make sure you can’t smell any musty smells or damp. Check to see how many rooms are painted white, if there is, it can be an indication that the seller is trying to hide stained walls or mould. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have, after all it is your money and your future on the line so if you have any concerns on your mind express them. Make sure you write all the notes down and pass it on to the surveyor, so they can have a look into the property further for you.

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