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Property Buying Reports and conveyance reports involves collating and collecting reports from different agencies. They have their own procedures to ensure that the correct property is being searched. They will not progress a property search until they are certain that they are searching the correct property. Likewise we will not submit enquiries until we have confirmed that the details are correct. You must be sure that you have given us the correct details before we proceed with any searches, as we do not accept refunds once a search is commissioned.

We cannot offer refunds once a search is commissioned

Food Risk Reports Hackney

Basic Search

From £70.00

This package covers the minimum recommended searches you will need. If you are looking at a certain property to buy, but require a little background info first, this package is perfect.It will cover flood risks and drain and water connections.

House And Property Searches  Islington

Homebuyers plus

From £140.00

This package covers searches that are included in the basic package plus utility connections and ground contamination and subsidence.

Water And Sewer Property Searches London


From £350.00

This is the all-inclusive package, it is the most popular of our searches. This package covers all areas of the property including utility reports, flood risk reports, land registry services, conveyancing searches, home buyer reports and much more. Click here if you require more information

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