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About Interim searches

We are a leading property search company which offers comprehensive property services to clients across the UK. We offer all aspects of land and property reports so that you know exactly what you are buying. The range of customers that we represent range fromhome buyers to large and small scale property developers. We offer a host of services that help protect you from potentially signing off on property that could seriously hamper you financially and leave you in a legal battle that could go on for years. Our comprehensive property searches and reports can help you massively with your budget as we will make sure you get your money worth without any hidden costs and pitfalls. We take great pride in helping our clients purchase the property of their dreams with no risk or worry in coming unstuck.

What we offer:

  •          Property Searches
  •          Property Buying Reports
  •          Property & Land Searches
  •          Local Authority Searches
  •          Water & Sewer Searches
  •          Utility Searches
  •          Landmark and Ground Property Searches

Our Searches cover:

  •          Groundwater Flood Risk Searches
  •          Flood Risk Assessments
  •          Flooding and Sewers
  •          Sewer and Drain Connections
  •          Mining Collapse
  •          Property Developers
  •          Pre-Screening
  •          Multi Search Packs

Our reports cover:

  •          Future Climate
  •          Proper Landmarks
  •          Site check assessment for commercial transactions
  •          Ground check report for contaminated land
  •          Argyll Environmental road and highways
  •          Unexploded Bomb Searches
  •          Developer Utilities
  •          Comprehensive Environmental Report
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